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So you expect to buy a lolita coord for Halloween in October? Lmao good luck with that

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You're taking wht i have to say here the wrong way, but i guess i'm just as much at fault for taking the b8 so w/e

To actually contribute, i think i might like bittersweet at least as a stepping stone from Goth into trying Sweet. I've been goth for so many years that people always make a big deal of me wearing colors so sweet cuts in dark colors might be as close to sweet as i'm getting for a while

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my girlfriend nearly purchased a dress off Milanoo. i'm glad she's getting into a hobby i have but damn, i'm glad i was there or she could've been disappointed as fuck.
apparently, newbies still fall for scams.

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i know it's kinda shit but this is my first ever redraw attempt. i hope you like it.

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