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so gulls i never get to really treat myself, been through a lot and have depression etc. today i got a haircut with bday $ after almost a year of no upkeep. i was feeling okay with it. i told my friend and they asked to see it so i sent them a snap of the length of layers and my curtain bangs. i was wearing a mori-esque jacket i thrifted.

they said i looked snooty because my head was held high. :( this person has been a friend since we were kids but we’ve had our disagreements and they have bpd. this isn’t the first time they’ve called me snooty either. but it sucks because they look down on people and get jealous of coworkers. they do costuming/cosplay and art but i’m also an artist. people say i could make 100s of 1000s of dollars with my art. lately i’ve been feeling like they have been putting me down for years for their self interest maybe.. :(

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