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>small local con
>in audience of cosplay contest
>walk-on category
>artist from AA's 12-year-oldish sister enters walk-on category wearing kawaii facemask and pikachu hoodie as her own original character
>watch her skip gleefully up the stairs onto the stage, on top of the world
>remember what it's like to be that young and carefree
>watch as girl gallops across the stage, on cloud nine
>girl completely misses steps going off the stage
>body keeps going
>flips up at 180-degree-angle
>lands squarely on back
>audience gasps and sits in silence
>...shift uncomfortably as secondhand embarrassment of poor young girl's shining moment comes crashing down, dragging all our hopes and dreams down with it
>MC rushes over to check on her
>girl painstakingly gets up and shuffles away
>MC: "she's okay! walk it off! yeah!"
>crowd claps for girl
>two girls in front of me burst into laughter
>try so hard to hold it in but the schadenfreude is too much

God bless that girl. We've all had that moment that's going so right suddenly go so wrong.

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