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I recently made friends with three other girls in my local cosplay community who love a certain character as much as I do. We all cosplay from the same series and we all love girly shit and makeup. I was so excited.

Except... they all love Jessica Nigri and in our group chat they're always posting pics of Jessica Nigri. But I just can't take Jessica Nigri seriously and I do not like her cosplay at all - I saw her recent Instagram video of her pic-related cosplay and I literally snorted at how ridiculous it was with her actually grabbing her tits and shaking them at the camera.

What. The. Fuck.
I don't understand why so many girls like Jessica because to me... that's not what cosplay is about.

I guess I'm gonna have to grin and bear it because I really love these girls and I want girly cosplay friends so bad. All my other cosplay friends are dudes. All my non-cosplay friends are girls who don't cosplay and aren't really into girly shit either.

Maybe, after all these years, I'll finally learn to love Jessica? Ugh.

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