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>At 5'5", I've never been below 130 lbs. since puberty hit. Chubby for so long that my self image was always horrible during teenage years.
>In recent years, constantly fluctuating between 140-160 lbs. (aka borderline overweight and straight-up overweight).
>Tfw I'll soon be 23 years-old and I haven't been thin since I was 11 years-old.
>Finally started eating well, cooking often, and working out almost every day between the BBG program's HIIT and LISS.
>Don't even know what my body will look like, how my clothes will fit, or how many inches I can realistically lose and be a stable weight.
>Already loving the feeling of bettering myself and keeping myself to a higher standard. Looking forward to what I can achieve.

And now I'm getting in the habit of Feels good, man.

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