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Kinda sad these are the responses I got to this to be completely honest. I'm not a slut, I don't get naked all the time or something, I'm just still not proud of my skinnyfat body even after putting in years of work dieting and walking 2 miles a day, I lost 120 pounds and am only 155 now and I love how I look in clothes but I hate how saggy I still am naked. Is there a common method outside of cosmetic surgery to tighten your skin up, like an exercise routine? I don't need to start light like someone else recommended, I recently lost an internship and have a lot of spare time to start a new daily routine... Just thought there might be others here who have been where I'm at right now

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Same only the girls just never say anything past the forced online reintroduction then eventually block or unfriend. I've got pretty bad self esteem issues though so that's probably got something to do with it. It's a shame because I'm pretty good at fabricating props and costumes but I'm too shy to wear them. All I want to do is be a packmule for a nice cosplay gf who wont disrespect me or ignore me for days on end like my last ones did. I feel like that's not very unreasonable to expect from a partner, but I dunno maybe I'm just wrong here

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