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Asians were on the brink of starvation for millennia so they selected for people with very compact builds who naturally store more fat in their bodies, while northwestern and central Europeans in particular incorporated dairy in their diet a while ago and with that food source secured they selected for larger, sturdier frames but with less fat storage.

tldr; whites "looking" fat is an illusion, we're not fat, we're bigger. in fact, I'm willing to bet that those who think they look fat have far less fat stored.

It seems so see Asian women have greater abdominal and visceral adiposity than Caucasian women with similar body mass index
MRI % of total body fat: abdominal visceral fat in Japanese women 23.9 vs Caucasian women 18.5% (P=0.01).
Caucasian women have more visceral fat than black women:
Racial differences in subcutaneous and visceral f... [Metabolism. 2003]
The percent visceral fat was also higher in these women (white: 30.5% +/- 1.3%, black: 22.1% +/- 1.6%, P <.01).

Look a the attached image featuring "white" and east asian women with comparable body types. The fat distribution is different. The white woman has wider hips and thighs and protruding ribs at such a small size.

comparing whites to east Asians is like comparing apples to oranges.

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