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>quit lolita temporarily because mentally ill, unemployed and broke as fuck
>sell entire wardrobe for cheap cuz "i can just buy it all back they're not rare pieces"
>all good condition 2009-2012 AP dresses
>come back 1,5 year later all better and with savings for rebuilding lolita collection
>old AP sweet is now trendy
>all the prices have increased at least 200%
>dream dresses that were not sought after at all back then are now slowly approaching rare

what the fuck?

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I will forever be salty about it. I will never stop being salty about it. When I lay 5 feet underground burried in my closet I will be salty about it. When I wait at the gates to whatever and god asks how I'm feeling today I will be answering "Salty". And when he asks why I'm going to explain it's 100% cgl spoonfeeders fault. I warned them but they wouldn't listen and then fb and tumblr cought up with it, reposted their "finds" with even more lazy people asking to get spoonfed and they started writing help posts like idiots. I still remember comfily watching a 20000 yen HD set for 2 weeks before I bought it. Same for any moitie or oldschool. Fuck you all. reeeeeee

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How does one manage to make gothic Lolita look like ageplay holy shit....

That's talent.

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>lay ill in hospital switching between feeling like shit and being too drugged up to feel like shit
>dreamdress goes up on auction
>write the seller in lightspeed with a bin offer
>next day
>they say my offer is too high and COUNTEROFFER WITH HALF THE PRICE
>feel like months were added to my lifespan
>search for listing
>can't find it
>someone else bought it for the bin offer the seller made me
>seller apologizes profoundly and wishes me luck to find it again soon
>tfw there's an increasing possibility there won't be enough time for a "soon"
lmao god just HAD to spit in my face one last time didn't he

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Worst thing is, it probably actually fucking does...

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I think gulls like her because she's an honest, genuine and entertaining person, but okay. You keep telling yourself what you need to. I hope you're a beautiful lolita goddess.

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>Maybe YOUR wardrobe outside of lolita is cheap ass Macy's shit
Maybe yours is? I have no wardrobe outside of lolita, you fucking clown.

>I sell designer clothes on Grailed that I've fucked in all the time as well
I'm sure you do, you disgusting gremlin. And you're trying to tell me I'm gross.

>You want to say lolita isn't a costume yet you people treat it as such
I'm not saying don't fuck in your own clothes, I'm saying don't sell them to people who would never buy them if they knew. Also, if you wear "designer clothes" daily and only fuck in lolita, then I got some news for you.

Holy shit anon, you're disgusting. You're making my skin crawl from just reading this. Misako would be dissapointed in you.

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