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>applied for job as english teacher
>got turned down because my voice is too soft
>even if I apply with other companies it will be the same result, and the other ones all paid less so I'd be poorfag af there
Jesus fuck. Thank god I have a plan B. Now my life will become hectic... I need to move out of my current city ASAP because I can't stand it a moment longer, so now I need to sell all my shit, sublease my apartment, and figure out where tf to move and find a cheap room and a fucking job lickety-split. And how to move with no car and no one to ship my shit to me... Maybe ship ahead of me to an amazon locker? idk how it will work. I'll just get rid of as much stuff as possible I guess.
Kind of want to kill myself. It's by all rights the lowest of the low tier of jobs and I got fucking turned down from it...
Only plus is that I was nervous about finding a husband in japan with a half-assed japanese ability, now that's not a problem...I'll just find some guy here to marry I guess...
Just found out a few minutes ago, still pretty shocked. Fuck them.
Financially and maritally speaking this is better but i still wanted to go fulfill my weeaboo dreams. Whelp, guess that's that. Hahah at least I don't own anything worth jack shit and all my clothes suck! I'll buy a bunch of nanchatte after I move and I'll look cute af and I guess focus on dating and career and finance instead of escapism...? Fuck them.

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