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That is hilarious! It's nice when guys who are not "into" the fashion dress up a little. Nice button up shirt, and nice pants. If you want to adding a bowtie, suspenders, vest, cravat, ect. It can look good but it's not necessary.

Basically it's annoying for someone to show up in T-shirt and jeans for pretty much the same reason i it's annoying for someone to go similarly attired to a larp. It looks bad.

But I dunno maybe they expect you to show up in your landsknecht gear.

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I just bought tickets to my first lolita tea party. The venue will have 100+ people at least, and I have not interacted with lolitas irl except for people I know who like the fashion as well from my highschool. Going to wear a safe coord for sure in the fear of being called ita, but other than that I'm super nervous for it.

What happens at a tea party and what do you do generally? I'm going with a friend but we both don't know anyone else who is going. Are there things you have to prepare beforehand/know of before attending so you don't embarrass myself?

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