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>went to my first con in many years
>had a big cosplay I've been working on for a long time
>fuck yes this is going to be great
>ended up being alone the whole time
>missed all the events I wanted to go to
>almost no one recognized me
>I look like shit in my photos
>now realize how much of a lonely friendless fuck I am

This is a different kind of post-con depression, just about ready to end it all desu

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>tfw contest pretty much over and you didn't even get posted in one of the entry dumps

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My mom transferred my investment portfolio to me and didn't tell me that she sold off some stock to reinvest somewhere else and now I have to pay a capital gains tax. It's way more than what my refund would have been, so now I owe the government money. I am mad, but also feel like I can't be mad since I still technically have money in said investment portfolio. I was going to treat myself with that return though.

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Dammit, got here too late.

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Old thread >>7820222 autosage.

Continue to feel.

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>no license
>failed driving test twice
It's so embarrassing, not being able to do something everyone and their grandmothers can. It's discouraging, and failure nagging at your neck doesn't help the nerves.
I'm still really nervous when I drive and it makes me really apprehensive at the wheel, to the point where I don't even want to drive if it's making me feel this awful. The only thing really pushing me is "everybody else can do it, you big fucking failure."
Someone please teach me how to stop failing.

Oh, and for short drivers, how do you quickly and thoroughly look over your shoulder when switching lanes? My seat is usually pulled all the way forward so I can reach the pedals, and from that angle, where I'm supposed to look at my blind spot is still obstructed by something in my car, and I end up getting nervous for spending a little too long not looking in front of me, so I let go of the gas to slow down, which isn't acceptable. So how is it supposed to be done?
Sorry, I don't really have anyone willing to teach me. The most advice I've gotten is "don't think about it, just drive" and I feel like that'll kill me.

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>>No friends exepct in 2 classes
>>sit alone in class, awkward as hell
>>can barely contain spaghettis
>>some people make compliments for my clothes, saying I look cute
>>Oh god what am I supposed to do
>>Burst out the spaghetti and social awkwardness like a social retard
>>Manage to hold a small conversation
>>Go home, think about things I said, immediatley want to curl in fetal position and cry out of shame because I am convinced they find me weird and hate me
I share these feels exactly. I wish you luck on your exams, anon.

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To start, my best friend/roommate pretty much lives off of her Financial Aid. Her grandparents pay entirely for her tuition, so her FAFSA just kind of goes into 1/2 our rent and utilities, some of her own food, and the rest on lolita, cosplay, and whatever else she feels like.
This year she had complications with her FAFSA. It was turned in on time, but months later she found out it was missing some documents and had to submit them, which meant she had to wait more months for her Financial Aid, which by default also meant that I'd be paying for her living arrangements until then, food and all. She promised to pay me back as soon as possible, so I've just went with it.
I know she will, but good lord,. Every time she's on her laptop, it's something she wants. "Ohhh, anon! The jeeeeeellyfish dress! Anon, are you preordering one? Oh, ANON! MISTY SKY holy shit! WANT! Anoooooon...? I'll pay you back, of course! Once my FAFSA gets here!" Uh, sorry, but I'm flat broke obviously.
Today was pretty much when we were expecting her Financial Aid to roll in, midway into the damn season, but instead she got an email basically saying that her FAFSA is on hold yet again because she's missing something else. I thought it was bullshit at first, but her status actually showed that she's missing W-2 forms from all of her employers from 2012, except I know for a fact that she has not had a job since high school, nor has she been looking since that job, so this is confusing us both. She plans to speak to the Financial Aid office about this later today, but I'm expecting yet ANOTHER four month wait of me footing her portion of the apartment bills on top of my own, our cable/internet, and our now combined food needs, plus begging for lolita/cosplay loans. I and my low pay and shit hours job can't deal with it anymore. I value our friendship, I love living with her, but this is all crap.

I know she peruses /cgl/ occasionally, so if you're reading this, please. Just get a job.

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