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I really do need one at the moment, thank you. I didn't think it'd get me down as much as it did, but it's my dream skirt and every time I tried it on I wanted to die.

It's hard to explain but some other anons have done it for me. The way it is for me is that I just shut down and I feel like nothing I say has any meaning or benefit to anyone. So I just stay silent.

Thank you so much, I never expected people would actually respond to me and understand how I feel. I'm so grateful to you, and everyone else who answered. When I get off work, I'll do just that. Thank you so much.

I'm glad someone understands the feel! I'm going to keep my skirt as I can still... admire it in my closet as a gift from the man I love. I might be on the spectrum too, I've always thought I was since my mind has never worked like everyone else's. I hate that it hurts people too, but I really can't do anything about it.

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I've looked at some hooded eye tutorials and they've helped so much, thank you anons! I thought that I was just doomed when it came to makeup. Do you think that it would be a good idea to follow asian make up tutorials (when they're wearing eye lid tape), as most western ones don't work as well with j fash?

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Thanks, I was being retarded

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I see, thanks!
Thanks x2! Now I kind of want you to educate me on everything that I still don't know, as it was as thorough as it was captivating.

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