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>it happened again

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I've never been to AX before. Is wearing flip flops okay?

I wear them every day but I don't want my feet to get trampled.

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>live programming 2 is at the JW Marriot

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>At PAX last weekend cosplaying with my girlfriend as Kirigiri and Junko
>At the tabletop section, looking at board games
>Walking through stalls
>Notice a guy uncomfortably close behind me
>Stop to look at a game
>He stops
>Go to another stall
>He follows, literally inches behind me
>Try the stop/start and moving around thing for a bit to see if I am being paranoid
>I am not being paranoid
>Panicking, check if he has a camera or a phone trying to get an upskirt, but he doesn't have anything
>Make a beeline for a staff member nearby
>He doesn't follow
>Point him out, make sure he sees me pointing him out
>Staff member says if it happens again to come to him immediately
>Girlfriend horrified that she didn't even notice the guy

The rest of the day I kept looking over my shoulder, but I didn't see him again. I have no idea what he was doing and I've never had an experience like that before, really rattled me for the rest of the con.

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Went through a huge amount of stress about a year ago and gained 15 pounds.

I'm working it off now, thank god I'm almost back to my old weight. I just hate myself for developing seriously red stretch marks. Hopefully they fade.

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on-topic feel:
>tfw miss two dresses i really wanted due to hesitation

lolita is one of the only things that makes me really happy anymore, why do i do this to myself. it doesn't help that they're hard to find. kicking myself for even letting this feel happen. it's been a bad week gulls. i actually cried because i'm an unstable fuck

i feel this feel

i live my life from assignment to assignment and work 6 or 7 hours outside of actual class daily. only issue with one professor who shits on my work. i wouldn't have a problem if i received ample feedback but it's getting kind of ridiculous.

on top of everything else, i lose more hope every day. all work and no play makes this gull want to off herself

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>tfw photograph poorly

i'm not even fat or hideous, it's just so obvious that i have no clue what to do with my body and my face. the awkward really ruins photos.

i'm literally looking up videos on how to smile

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>Posting your little sister on an app where creeps like Dr.DildoBalloos browses in search of prey

Please don't do this, guys. Cute, but don't put her out there like that. It also wreaks of living vicariously through someone else and using them as a trophy to show off.

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