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>How do you feel about the current sizing in lolita? Are you happy with them the way they are or should they be changed? Should brands offer pieces in several sizes?

I only have the perspective of a classicfag but I can say I'm ok with it. VM is still releasing small dresses, slightly more roomier unshirred dresses and sometimes even shirred pieces. The MM revival will answer to the petite market again. And IW's poly monstrosities come in multiple appropriate sizes, imo.

>How do you feel about alterations to make pieces bigger or smaller?

You do you boo.

>Do you think there is a bias towards smaller lolitas or a stigma towards bigger ones? If so, do you think people are doing it consciously? Do you think it's warranted?

There is definitely a stigma against bigger lolitas. But as an anon above said, that's just our societies' general stigma against fat women. In every culture you can find media portraying a fat, ugly woman as the most horrible thing in the world.

>What is your body shape and how do you dress to flatter your body shape in lolita?

Hourglass/Apple shape. My waist is on the upper edge of what's acceptable in classic but god damn my ribcage and shoulders are male swimmer tier.

>Have you ever skipped out on buying or wearing a dress you liked because of it's size or because it was unflattering for your body shape?


>What are some tips for bigger lolitas to dress better and more comfortably?

Alter brand or get things in your size. Ditch the binder and constrictive garments please. It shows and it looks very uncomfortable.

>Do you use lolita as a motivation for weightloss? Do you think it's a healthy mindset?

Yes I do, but no it is absolutely not a healthy mindset. However if fitting into brand motivates me to exercise and be healthy, I'll take it over some other common goal of being an instathot or whatever. Better to use lolita as a motivator than "being sexually attractive to men", which I used to do.

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