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>spend a lot of money for fabrics and materials for new costume, I'm really excited
>thinking I'm a smartass I want to do EVERYTHING on my own
>I'm making pattern for a dress, it's my first pattern ever
>fuck it up
>fucked up everything I could, I shit you not
>it's ok i'm gonna do it again
>i wanted to make appliques for dress myself, they end up looking like retarded foil blankets EMS use
>it's ok i'm gonna use different technique
>animal ears i've made are too heavy and hard, they are a fucking WEAPONS
>it's ok i'm gonna make another pair
>second pair is too soft and floppy
>3rd time is a charm huh
>costume ends up looking mediocre, it's literally ok and nothing special
I mean I'm still learning but I'm so fucking dumb and untalented it's starting to get frustrating. At least I'm patitent and learned my lessons

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i wish i was an anime girl

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I'm in an area near a few different comms, but all three of them are pretty frustrating. Comm 1 is very disjointed and doesn't have creative or frequent meets. Nobody seems to like each other and everyone's a bit judgemental. Comm 2 meets very frequently, but everyone there is ita af. Comm 3 is slightly further away and has really excellently planned meets, but everyone there is elitist and it's just too big for it's own good. For the love of God, please let me have one good group of people who I can peacefully enjoy this fashion with.

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>using pure black paint for detailing

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>doing first cosplay with ldr boyfriend
>spends two weeks sewing constantly, i am dead inside
>two days before 25 hour train ride
>"oh dont worry anon, my mom has a sewing machine you can finish it here"
>relaxes until its time to pack

>gets here
>asks for sewing machine
>he asks his mom
>"its broken"
>i now have to draft my patterns and ship them back home to my mom to sew and then pay for rushed shipping to get them back to me in time for the con
>this was supposed to be a relaxing vacation

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>cosplaying all obscure shit
>find out gathering for one of said super obscure things is on day 2
>cosplaying from that thing on day 1
>want to switch schedule around but can't because it would be too complicated to change at the con and super non-optimal

Maybe I'll drop by and see the gathering and take some pics of people, but I also feel really awkward showing up to it in another cosplay. Dilemmas, dilemmas.

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>tfw no gf

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