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>find print that I have to declare my ultimate dream dress
>print is from an American indie brand
>print is years old
>print is never posted for sale anywhere ever
>indie brand isn't even alive anymore

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>make plans to go on a cute fun date in lolita with SO
>really looking forward to it
>night before the date
>we have a minor disagreement
>SO gets really mad
>starts yelling, telling me that i'm going nowhere, that i'm not trying hard enough, and that all of my goals are meaningless and stupid (despite me working and going to school and having normal life goals like everybody else)
>start crying
>yells more
>tfw i realize this isn't the first time something like this has happened with him
>tfw i realize he's projecting his insecurities onto me
>tfw heart is broken, probably need to part ways with SO, and no lolita date with bonus handholding

i called my sister crying and she said she'll take me out instead, which means a lot but my heart still hurts

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> girls from your comm slutshaming other girls
> I'm totally okay with sex-positive woman
> lie to them, so they treat you more friendly
> begin believing my own lie

I shall look for another comm around. I don't wan't to end up like this sharing their mindset.

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>tfw this person made a post about shoving marshmellows up their ass to cause diarrhea

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my god it is

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Fleeing early from a vacation because spending the money is worth getting away from my birthplace ASAP. I feel kinda guilty but staying here is killing me.

>tfw at least now I'll be home in time to dress spend ILD with my frills

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>found dream dress for sale in preferred color way.
>seller doesn't ship to my country.
Two feels:
I need an EU SS stat! /
Th- that's okay... I'll just wait forever.

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You are all dumb as fuck for discussing this seriously.

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