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Ah, is this you? If you're looking for vegan versions of foods, I'd really recommend https://thegentlechef.com/
He's got some recipes on his website, and I have bought a couple of his books as well. I find it worthwhile personally as he really does try to make foods as close to the non-vegan version as possible, rather than just approximating stuff with blended cashew nuts everywhere.

Personally for tea parties I like to make stuff like veggie sushi, which is relatively non-messy for people to eat, and which is served at room temperature so doesn't need to be kept hot for a long period of time. Charcuterie-style boards with crackers, crudites, houmous, tapenade, lots of olives and dried fruit, are also lovely. Platters of fresh berries and fruits are a nice break from the usual sweets and cakes (though if you want to make vegan sweets, most of the time you can substitute aquafaba for eggs, even in meringues and macarons)
If people want hot food, soups with bread are popular in my comm.

If anyone wants to go down a hell of a vegan baking rabbithole, macarons are fun but a real challenge: https://www.cookingoncaffeine.com/vegan-italian-macarons-aquafaba/

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