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Sounds similar to my case. I've been with my SO for almost two years now, and she actively stalks every place I'm in and pins every post that might trigger her jealousy on me, even if I'm doing something completely different at the time. She'll go to places like /v/ or /vg/ and see a post where someone is talking about being annoyed by their gf or posting a picture of some girl while saying said girl is attractive, and she'll yell at me and claim it's me and call me a liar refuse to listen otherwise. When I'm busy with something she'll instantly decide she's being ignored and then blow up on me later when I note that she's being passive aggressive. If I mention aesthetics of any other person, it triggers her jealousy.

She accuses me of cheating when I'm in the middle of spending time with her. She'll claim it's my fault that she's prone to jealousy, and when she's overwhelmed she'll claim she's unattractive and I'm only with her out of "pity" and all of my compliments are lies and etc etc.

I don't know if I can take this anymore.

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>cosplaying was a group project I did with 3 friends of mine
>it was our first big cosplay project together and we were all excited
>we worked on it together when not at work or school
>fast forward half a year
>the job we worked at together shut down and my friends moved
>one of their grandmothers died
>they stopped contacting me
>start working on project alone
>they still have 60% of the supplies and all of our progress
>I'm now working on the cosplay alone and will be going to cons alone
>work went down the shitter
>social life is dead
>tfw cousin recently showed off his beautiful fiance, plenty of money, and happy, social lifestyle and now I want to blow my brains out.

It's sort of like...
I just...

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>tfw love big boobs
>tfw gf has big boobs
>tfw she wants smaller boobs

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>tfw no cosplayer gf

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:( You guys are depressing me. I wanted so badly to go and had all of my plans figured out but ended up not being able to go. It was going to be my first con and I was so excited.

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