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>me, 14, looked like a girl at the time (unironically)
>this was around the height of the vocaloid craze, so 2009ish
>really like Hatsune Miku
>really, REALLY like Hatsune Miku
>was a moefag before being a moefag was cool
>through some amazing leap in logic I decided to crossdress as Hatsune Miku
>camping out at the front door so I could intercept compromising packages, get big sister to help me look a bit more girly, everything
>go to con, nervous as fuck because I went by myself and I was still relatively new to it
>run into my mates from school, who're also cosplaying as those damn chinese cartoons
>they ask me if I wanted to hang out and I couldn't object without raising my voice too loudly
>fug, fear autism is already kicking in
>spend the day with them anyway even though I wanted to spend the day alone
>around closing time I'm alone with one of them for some reason
>he gives me a kiss on the cheek and slips me his phone number
>mfw at school the next day and he's sad that the cute animu girl never called him back
>mfw another friend was suspicious for a week

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