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That's so cute. Do you have any recommended bezel tape you could link? I'm currently using >>9851962 wax paper and modpodge to ensure a seal, because my other washi tapes and such weren't thick enough to cover the entire hole, and I had some leakage issues more than once. The method I use now is far more reliable, but it'd be nice to save some product.

Anon, translucency is great for UV, but if it's something you plan to mostly use for epoxy, I might suggest this stuff.

- Cheap af
- Great for awkward shapes you just can't dunk or stand up in silicone
- works on lots of surfaces and materials
- picks up detail amazingly well

- Ammonia so it smells like pee before drying
- Annoying waits between coats
- Not ideal for UV resin

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