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Fuck, stay on top of it gull. You have a good 5 year prognosis, kick this things ass.

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Okay, I have been the one talking about the voice server.
My discord is Emmylou#3886.
If you are interested in this idea hit me up and maybe we can have a movie night or something this week.

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bring it

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thanks anon but i would like to see if anyone has some brand boots they wanna get rid of before i toss out money on what's probably a replica! it has been on my radar though so thank you!

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I convinced my partners friend to learn about ouji and he got interested now I have a boy to dress up however I want. Need to clean him up but fuck gulls

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thanks for weighing in anon! i'm lucky to have great friends as a support system and after talking about it with a few of them the consensus is that i leave his ass. i don't think very highly of myself so his words really stung, but i'll believe my friends over that guy any day.

also the lolita "date" with my sister was fun and i'm glad i hung out with her instead

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>naturally thin
>cute fairy face
>not tall so everything sits right on me

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>was a daily lolita for a while
>start new semester
>srs classes
>srs job
>too busy to wear lolita very often, even to school
>convert to casual cute wear and forgo the frills
>start talking to a cute guy who sits next to me in class
>"you're the lolita, right?"
>"i would always see you walking to class... "
>embarrassed because i know i looked extra af
>awkward laugh and tell him yeah that was me, i must have stood out because i looked strange
>"it's not weird, i like it"
>mfw he compliments specific things about my outfits all the time
>like "i like that shirt, did it come with the ribbon like that?"
>"i like your color scheme today"
>mfw we have similar sense of humor and similar tastes in things
>mfw he has bants

this boy is about to get a lolita gf i swear

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>be me
>rarely buy lolita these days because I'm content with my wardrobe
>see a WTB post for a dress I've been considering selling for some time
>decide to take a look and see what the buyer is willing to pay for it
>no amount listed, and I'm still hesitant to sell..
>decide to scroll through the group for shits and giggles
>"hey maybe someone else might be looking for a dress I AM willing to sell"
>find dream dress
>amount asked is above market price, but it's been a hot while since I've seen it for sale
>brain is like "jump on that shit you fool!"
>thankfully had the funds to support the large purchase
>seller replies and the dress is MINE
>so happy, do the most obnoxious victory dance around my house while screaming 'Wanna Be a Baller' at the top of my lungs

I'm so happy guys! It's been a dream dress of mine for a few years, and I FINALLY got it!

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