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fuck, dude

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Shit I literally came here to post something similar, haha.

>tfw big titty goth (30DD, Moitie) girl
>tfw no affectionate sweet gf
I want a sweet gf who wouldn't mind playing tabletop rpgs or games, watching weird or cute anime while cuddled up on the sofa under a blanket, who would enjoy going to both weeby and Instaworthy places together...

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I've always had a pipe-dream of creating my own lolita social network. Where there could be forums for different topics and substyles, badges to unlock to show on your profile ("Bought first dress", "Tried a new substyle", "Lolita for 3 years", etc.), a section to show off your dream dresses, your wardrobe, what you have for sale currently, an archive area where we can try to preserve the fashion's history, etc.
Lolita has always been best when we've made our own spaces. Our community culture is pretty unique and has a lot of trouble fitting in with pre-made social medias. And I feel like now more than ever we need a hub to bring us all back together, rather than being flung across different platforms.
It's always been above what I've been able to achieve with my current skillset, but I'm still learning, so hopefully one day I can get to the level where I can make it a reality.

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At an event, a girl asked after my lolita best friend whom I have a lot of pictures with. I quickly realised she thought we were dating. I didn't correct her.

I occasionally get similar messages on IG. I just like the messages and don't reply. If people can't be assed to check her profile and see that she has a very lovely boyfriend, then we might as well be a lolita power couple in their minds.

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>tfw no loving lolita friend to save me from a mediocre straight relationship
why live

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Part 2
>pls try to not repost from previous thread

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I used to love her posts and stan for her on here but this honestly makes her seem like a total bitch. So disappointed...

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My best lolita friend desperately wanted Fancy Dolly when it first came out and I bought her a replica from ClobbaOnline for her birthday. I had seen a lot of replica hype and thought it would be okay. My friend was really happy, it was one of the best recieved gifts I've ever given... But now I cringe and feel like crying a little every time I think about it.

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>be me
>be on youtube
>look out for /cgl/ meetups cuz whynot.jpg
>pre 2010 meetups are full of seagulls, not much lolita tho but at least cosplay was genuine
>starting 2010 meetups get flooded with crossboarders
>by 2014 shit like this starts happening
This honestly makes me so sad, I have been into 4chan only sporadically since got married and had my little blessing, but it hurts me so much that this place which I used to love so much has devolved into a landmine field of creepy retards trying to SCORE EPIC STYLE.

Are there any actual seagulls in here anymore?

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Good feels, I wish you great success~

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When Chinese lolitas call themselves "Lo Maiden" my brain keeps reading it as Lo Mein. I'm not sure if I'm racist or just hungry.

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Man, this is what I'm afraid of. I'm very talkative and excitable, and I spend a lot of time worrying that it overwhelms or puts people off.
>Doesn't help that I'm an American who moved to a part of Europe where people are a lot more stoic.

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>something wrong with my iud
>been bleeding for a couple of days every time after I orgasm (NOT after sex though) for a few months
>have to wait until next month to get it replaced
>haven't masturbated or orgasmed for a month

I'm so sexually frustrated. Do I give in and masturbate and risk bleeding on my burando? I have a meetup today and my lolita crush will be there so I've been thinking of doing it when I get home after it. Or should I hold off? I don't know. I feel like I'm going nuts.

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I get this feeling. I used to have huge guilt over this sort of thing, but I've come to terms with it over time.

I think it makes sense, anon. That girl had no reason to call you cute, no potential ulterior motive, no knowledge of your personality. I think love from friends is a thing that feels nice in the long term, like a constant minor happiness, but appreciation from a stranger is a big sudden shot of one-time happiness. It's natural to feel very hung up on it. Of course it would feel important to you. It sounds like you DO appreciate your friends and partner, you don't sound ungrateful to me. I wish I could convince you to stop beating yourself up over it.

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Old thread >>8190204

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Here's another. Post your feels, seagulls.

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old one in autosage >>7692052

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Let out any feels you are having relating to cosplay, lolita, or just in general.

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Old thread on autosage.

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Let's have a seagull feel thread.

Rants/feels/fears for anything related to cosplay/lolita/jfash/this board.

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