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You have an upper hand that nobody in the office has. Don't play on their ball field. They have the advantage if they play games. Don't bother trying to catch up in that department. They aren't into lolita, so you have the advantage. Lolita is obviously a big thing to her. Anyone can get a basic bitch Hello Kitty water bottle or something, and hell even lolitas can straight up just have regular cutesy bottles; but the fact that she actually has a brand water bottle means that it's special enough for her to have scoured Fril/Mercari/Y! for it and is dedicated enough in the fashion to import that shit.


I tell this advice to everyone - you don't want to emulate what you think they want. You have to be yourself and emphasize the parts that genuinely are you but connect with them. I see too many people trying to "become" someone's ex thinking "that's what they liked, so if I become that person then they'll like me too!"

It doesn't work that way. For all you know, she may not actually be THAT much into gaming but it's the only hobby that others actually click with so it SEEMS like she's more into it than she is. It may just be a casual thing for her, but she ACTUALLY has a brand water bottle so you know that it means something to her on a deeper level. Do you see her with a Mario water bottle? Do you see her with a Devil May Cry water bottle? Do you see her with a Degrees of Lewdness water bottle? No, you see her with a BRAND WHORE water bottle.

This is easy. Don't think to hard. You're a lolita, right? You have a way easier time getting her to go out on a one-on-one than these dudes.

>Hey, I'm also a lolita. But I'm not a part of a comm or anything so never get a chance to actually eat at a nice cafe with others while in frills. I'd love to eat at Fatty's Pizza with you this weekend and pet your Princess Cat if you don't mind!

You got this.

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