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>those colors
that has to be Meta.

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I was doing an inventory of my closet when I realised my iron gate was eaten by moths in several places. I put Cedar chips in my wardrobe so I was absolutely freaking out, how did this happen to me. I was crying and wondering if there was any way I could fix it.

And then I woke up. I've never been so relieved that something was a dream.

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Every now and then we have conversations about the Japanese Lolita community here but I'm wondering what other non-English-speaking communities are like. What websites do they use? I know the Spanish speakers use fb, the Russians have VK, and the Germans used to have dunkelsuess or whatever, but do these people also post on cgl in English? Or is this board just a bunch of catty Burgers, Brexits, and Aussies with a few Eurofags lurking in the shadows?

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I have a virtual Dartmouth interview in 15 minutes ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so nervous. Help me mana.

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I will say though that during the tourist season, Baby gets roughed up a lot more then AP. I have gone to Baby in the height of summer in SF and have seen the most appalling behavior by tourists. There are people who wont fit the clothing arguing with the staff about trying stuff on, there are children running around the store without their parents watching... And the touring ita herds.

So maybe the attitude of Baby's staff is affected by this? Because meanwhile AP is in a part of town that is not out of the way, but it's like a block-off the nearest tourist magnet so it's a place you go to specifically because you want to go there; not because you happen to run into it.

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>new country
>no friends
>my job is solitary so no work\uni friends

I’m going insane.
I only talk to my partner and 2 autistic housemates

One of said autistic housemates likes me a lot and creepily wants to fuck me

Second things I’m disgusting and is too autistic to hang around

>partner works a lot and we only get to do gym/house maintenance stuff toguether

I don’t know what to do anons I feel really lonely and I don’t have a comm yet

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>be me
>going to tea with friend
>gonna wear dream dress set
>wake up with migraine
>quickly get packed
>pack everything
>remember every small accessory
>get to friends house an hour away
>I forgot the petticoat

I may just wear it anwyay and hope there's no lolitas at the christmas tea.
Or I may pin up my friends' white broom stick skirt as as a makeshift petticoat

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Wardrobe consistency is an issue. I want to wear /all/ the styles despite not having matching items. Currently wardrobe cleaning to relieve myself.

Coords are decent, provided I did not throw it together in 5 minutes. I'm slowly getting better so it will come with experience. Despite that I'm having trouble with posing particularly finding my angles, since having facial surgery. The surgery only made my strong jaw line stand out more since it was for medical reasons. Plus I have a flat asian nose.

/end blog post

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>fully grown woman demanding to be picked up and carried everywhere

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A near miss but still terrifying.

>Doing laundry
>Most of my dresses are machine washable
>Have AP OP laying out, ready to go in the laundry bag
>See my cat approach
>Cat has IBS
>Cat jumps up next to dress
>Force of the landing makes him projectile shart
>Less than a centimeter away from my brand

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Personalshopperj has confirmed that they received the OP and that it has been repackaged and shipped. HOLY FUCK.

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How do you buy something that requires a deposit with an SS?

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After I started wearing lolita, even in my normal clothing, I get stopped at least twice a week with people asking me if I like or am Alice in Wonderland. I don't even have blonde hair and I wear glasses.

>Take the subway to work
>Dressed in a very casual coord
>Hear very loud "whispering" from a group talking about a girl who must be Alice and because she looks exactly like Alice
>Group openly stares and points at me during the conversation
>Blatantly ignore them even though they are sitting a few seats away from me
>Two girls come up to me giggling
>Oh fuck, here we go
>"Do you know of Alice in Wonderland? You, like, look exactly like her."
>They compliment me and exit at the next stop
>I'm left horribly confused trying to figure out if they were being sincere or not

I even had a guy hit on me saying Alice must be my favorite character because I dress like her. Then he said our meeting must be fate because his favorite character was Alice, too. Other than my Ahcahcum Muchacha bunny bag, and a slight poof in my skirt, I look nothing like the character.

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>How many dresses do you own?
>How many of these are one of a kind?
>How many of these are made by you yourself?

>How often do you check cgl threads/board?
Typically everyday, depending on how busy I am, since my job and studies involve being in front of a computer constantly.

>Would you agree with an opinion of you?
Sure, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Certainly how I view myself is different from how others view me.

>Would you say you are blue blooded(cold-hearted), warm-blooded(friendly) or toothpaste flavored(depends on mood)?
This is a strange question, actually, I've never heard of someone being "toothpaste flavored", but I guess that would be the most accurate choice.

>Would you murder someone for the perfect dress/outfit?
Of course not.

>Do you avoid sharing information on your actual items-of-desire in threads for fear that other EGL/cosplay enthusiasts will find the item you are currently trying to buy and buy it/bid it up?
The thought sometimes lurks in the back of my mind, but in the end it's just an item, so I don't care that much. Usually posting in dream dress threads is helpful.

>And lastly, for demographics, are you more of a..

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Speaking of which, ordered from Serene Purity (taobao seller). Was so happy as the print was beautiful. Arrived Friday. The shape is different than the image shown and won't really work without a cupcake petti (was hoping to pair it with a-line for a more casual look). The fabric is disappointingly thin and wrinkly, and the lining looks like it was made from an old cotton bedsheet! Honestly, it's the kind of quality you'd expect to see from DoL. It took 3 months to get here so I'm so fucking rustled. They included a headbow as an apology but the sewing on the bow is a hot mess. I had looked up reviews and images and both seemed fine beforehand. Has this ever happened to any of you gulls?

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it took me a minute to find what you were talking about, but LOL yeah damn she looks different

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20 / F / NY (NJ in the summer)
>Cosplay, Jfashion, and/or lolita?
Classic/Sweet lolita, general Jfashion, interested in cosplay
>Other Interests?
Drawing, reading, mystery/thriller movies, anime/manga, cats
>What you're looking for
Lolita friends to talk to about outfits, drama, and/or anime
>What you're not looking for
A bf/gf, creepers
>Contact info
frillyfarts @ gmail

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sweet christ, I jumped so high

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But why? Why did this become a thing?

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