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Neither actually, lol. Just calling out pretend lolita trash.

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>I am the person who was posting "Man I just really love lolita" in the feels threads for about a year
>also did the recent twitter thread
>stopped posting in the feels thread because a girl in my comm started interrupting IRL conversations at meets with "Man I just really love lolita"
>tfw same girl started talking publically about the lolita twitter thread I posted too
It's nice she's enjoying the thread but I wonder if she'd still feel that way if she knew it was me wjk made it. I wonder what she'd think if she knew that her overuse killed the other meme too.

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>Overweight friend wants to get into sweet lolita
>Mad that she can’t fit AP
>Suggest Bodyline and Taobao brands that offer custom sizing
>She’s hell-bent on AP
>Says that she’s going to buy replicas
>I try to explain that buying replica is bad because it’s stealing the artwork of prints
>”Well it’s AP’s fault for only making dresses for toothpicks!”

Whew. I’m not sure what would make me a worse friend: continuing the argument and hurting her feelings, or letting her buy replica and pre-pay for tea and then get turned away at the door because my comm very clearly states that they don’t allow replica main pieces at meets.

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The whole thing is about Misako. Want a lolita ambassador? Pay Misako to come visit you and say you want one. Pay her enough and you get to pick who it is.

Misako doesn't give a damn if the people she picks better the community, hurt the community or anything else. She just wants cold hard cash (or expensive gifts! she's not picky).

And that is why no one who is even remotely anyone in the lolita community gives a damn about the whole thing any more. It's reputation suicide to become a kawaii ambassador at this point.

It's also why no one has been clamoring to have the girls who stepped down replaced. The organization lost face, and the girls who stepped down did so in protest of the organization supporting a creeper.

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