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>tfw a girl in your comm becomes too Insta-famous for the crew, and you all have to T-pose on that little thottie to lower her social status

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It isn't really a nasty attitude, they just don't want to have to explain in detail because at least to me, it seems completely reasonable.

People would talk about things like their mental health and weight issues in the appropriate channels, and then get shit talked on cgl for it. The same reason you shouldn't add randoms on facebook, anyone can creep and post your personal information.

If the person posting people to cgl is an active member that's just two-faced, they're a slimy cunt, but that is harder to account for than the possibility of shit-stirring lurkers.

You could argue that maybe TMI on a chat server with a lot of people on it is just a bad idea, but having to be guarded about what you share and watch what you say, isn't a great way to create any sense of community support and friendship.

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>My Little P*ny tattoo
What a thot.

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They're the kind that think girls that wear burando are stuck up brand whores so they think they are superior and brave for being cunts automatically.
>Not like the other lolitas

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>wear lolita
>Worst I get is a snarky "why are you wearing that?" And stares. Or the one soccer mom that walked up to me and just pointed rudely saying "what is this?" weirdly aggressively.
>Wear turbo normie j crew outfit
>Get followed
>"Where are you going baby can I come too?"
>"I love sweet little girls like you, why don't you come over?"
My theory is that lolita is so weird a lot of creeps don't know what to make of it, though I only wear oldschool gothic and grandma classic. That makes me wonder:
Are there certain styles that get a lot more harassment? It sounds like a lot of sweet lolitas in this thread. Have you noticed different reactions to different styles?

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>make an OKC profile
>only cosplayers in my area are hardcore fatty-kuns

Back to scouring the cons for a husband.

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One of the brolitas had a gf, who immediately started telling off the girl. They argued for a bit as everyone else sat awkwardly. Then one girl changed the topic to mochi.

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I got to do ALL of the Morning Musume 16' activities at AM with no problems or restrictions excluding the chaos with lineing up for the concert. Fuck you salty lolita gulls, I had the best weekend of my life at AM.

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