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I haven't seen one in awhile so, tea thread general?

>TL;DR babby's first hosting
I'm hosting a tea party at my apartment on Saturday and I have some lolita and casual friends from my graduate program coming as my guests.
I'm in the market for a cute, reasonably priced tea set and tiered cake stand that can accommodate ~8 people. I'm completely open to suggestions, and of course I'll need express delivery at this point.

Pic related from Bed Bath & Beyond seems cute to me, but I wanted to get second opinions/suggestions because my taste might actually be shit. I'm not looking to spend more than $300. But these items would get here by Saturday if I paid by tomorrow, and it does have matching set pieces sold separately.

As a side note: What music should I play? I figured I should stay away from anything weeby and go for more classic like Debussy.

Host tips are also appreciated. Thank you for advice in advance.

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