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Me too, anon. They were my favourite gothic brand by far and I feel like no one else really does the same aesthetic.

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>2 of my 3 big cons of the yearare in the coming 2 weeks
>normally have impeccable skin apart from a zit every so often
>suddenly get weird rash all over my body
>doctors can't figure out what it is and it's showing no signs of going down
>can't wear any of mycosplays that reveal arms or legs, and on top of that will be ungodly itchy the entire con

What deity did I piss off to deserve this awful fate? I'm really sad, gulls.

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Why were we put here, just to suffer?
tfw no friends
tfw no bf
tfw 2d husbando will never become 3d
tfw everyone else does more cool shit than I have
tfw approaching old age and will die alone having done nothing but suffer in poverty and isolation whole life
tfw will never be japanese shoujo protag who gets the love of her life

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I feel you a lot, anon. I've been losing weight for a while now and it's a big difference but every time I look at myself I still feel ugly and fat. I don't think I can ever look the way I want to, especially not while being healthy.

>at least if I was skinnier it’d make me feel better
This part really hits home for me. I feel like I have no control over my life and I have no clue what to do to make anything ever but the one thing I can do is lose weight, and maybe if I lose enough I'll be happy. If you want to talk, send me an email. I hope you can feel better soon, it's not bad to lose weight but please do it in a healthy way.

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>tfw Midou is your favourite but you're short, female, and not nearly skinny enough

Life is suffering.

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Desperate bump.

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>purge after overeating
>can't handle the taste and smell of my own vomit and stop after puking three times
>feel like I need to do it more but know I shouldn't
Sorry if this is triggering to anyone.

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I used to be them.
This is a sad reminder.

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>stay up till 7 am trying to win an auction for an old AP dress
>win it
>bf pays the dress with his Paypal (we live together and share money, so nbd)
>couple of days later, package says "delivered"
>it is delivered to his old old address, in a mexican neighborhood.
>he tries to retrieve it, but they say "we don't have it" despite the tracking saying it was signed for
> try contacting USPS about it so they can get someone to go their and forcibly retrieve it
>they said they'll take care of it, but haven't.
>its been a full month
>I have to accept my dress is gone.
>no one gets the dress, not even the other girl that really wanted it.
>in the end, a mexican family is probably having their kids run around in it or threw it away.
>bf tries to comfort me by saying "it was tacky as fuck anyway"

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The Good
The Bad
The Ugly?
Everyone I had so far took my money and ran.
Anyone else in that FB group?

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