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Next you'll say that you think all goths should be constantly brooding. I'm all for being polite and charming but not as a false personality to match what I'm wearing, that's ridiculous.
And as for the community, it's welcoming and accepting to an absurd degree, to the point where we're afraid of rejecting people who actively harm us (fetishists and other sexual predators, for example) lest they'll call us "bullies" and "bitches". From what I gather, the vast majority of people who think the lolita community is elitist and full of gatekeepers, have never even interacted with us at all.

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I can never resist busting this one out, excuse me. In all seriousness, some people are shitty regardless of what they wear. If they're shitty in jeans and tshirts, they'll still be shitty in frills and bows. I wish they'd be mature and cordial but that's just how things are, unfortunately.

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Is it bad I actually do not care at all about the Chinese comm’s opinion? I get they’re currently running the market at the moment but their tastes and trends are so fundamentally different from what made me fall in love with lolita that I try to pretend they don’t exist.

Things that make me salty
> VM and MM are (basically) dead but JetJ is able to live on in its overpriced tacky glory.
> People assuming we’re all friends now because we’re in the same comm.
With the related
> People who didn’t really even talk to you during the meet trying to add you on social media
I tend to be fairly private about my social media where it’s mostly people I’m friends with IRL, family, and people I like to keep in touch with long-distance (like an old favorite teacher). If we chatted a lot during a meet and hit it off great, I’m good with being friends; but the people who think that just because we’re both in lolita that we’re automatically friends now ring alarm bells in my head.

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Never gets old.

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This level of butthurt isn't cute, anon-kun. Sorry you're ita as fuck but you're not exempt from concrit just because you're a dude, and crying about teh meanie lolitas!!1 only makes you look more pathetic than you already are.

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Ah yes, this old thing.
The sooner you realize that lolitas are people like any other and are capable of being horrible just like anyone else, regardless of their fashion choices - The better.

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Ah yes, my favorite.

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I'm going to bite even though this is most likely very obvious bait;
>SWIMMER, Putumayo & Essentric had to shut down
It's Excentrique, not "Essentric".
Swimmer is closing because manufacturing their stuff became too expensive and they never decided to sell to international customers, even though there was obvious demand for their merchandise. Excentrique's founder decided to retire and apparently no one stepped up to take their place so it went under, and Putumayo was outdated and unpopular, not because western lolitas are meanies but because current trends are OTT sweet and classic, and punk lolita hasn't been popular in years.
>Shop in Wonderland is, I think, the only shop in America that actually sells this stuff.
Factually incorrect, there's BTSSB and AP in San Fransisco, and BTSSB and Tokyo Rebel (that sells many different brands) in New York. All run by reputable people, unlike the Leighs.
Judging by your inane "opinions" and the fact you don't know how to reply to posts, you're either trolling or just super new to this board and to lolita in general, assuming you're a lolita at all.

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Apparently no one remembers the eatfuckingcake livejournal community, or am I just that old?

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I'm sorry your comm supposedly has high school-tier hierarchy but
>I thought sweet lolitas would be SWEET
Lolitas are people, anon. We're not "supposed" to be anything. Of course it's better when people are nice and polite and handle social situations like mature adults but some people simply aren't like that, and they'd be mean and unpleasant regardless of what they're wearing.

Anyway, are there at least a few people in your comm with whom you get along? Maybe even one person? You don't have to be friends with everybody, just befriend those you click with. If you don't get along with anybody in your comm and you don't enjoy being a part of it you can always leave it. Being a lone lolita can be a bit sad sometimes but it might be better than spending time with people you don't like. It's up to you.

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A classic.

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reminds me of pic related

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I know her IRL and, idk, she is cute.
She does have serious health problems and seems to latch on to ideas a bit to hard, but she does not come off as nearly so pretentious irl.

I think she shops and tries to hide it because she does look very tired and haggard, and I am guessing it is because of all the shit she has to go through because of her illness, and just wants to cover it up?

I don't get why people are so obsessed with her and her drama, she is sweet and it is so old.

tldr: pic related

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