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>How do you feel about the current sizing in lolita? Are you happy with them the way they are or should they be changed? Should brands offer pieces in several sizes?

I've always thought, and still think, Lolita dresses should be made in two sizes with lots of shirring; size 1 (US 2 - 8) and size 2 (10 - 14/16). I don't like how the current sizing is scaling up, because I've always know girls in the US size 2 or 0 range that are too small to fit, so I think the better plan is to focus on the idea of two ranges.

>How do you feel about alterations to make pieces bigger or smaller?

Lolita dresses are just objects of fashion; once you own it it is yours and no one should ever tell you how to use something you bought.

>Do you think there is a bias towards smaller lolitas or a stigma towards bigger ones? If so, do you think people are doing it consciously? Do you think it's warranted?

I was an obese teenager (s18), an underweight young (s0) adult and average size (s4) adult. I think there's a stigma against "bigger" girls because of specific famous personalities that staple their behavior to their dress size instead of just being an asshole.

>What is your body shape and how do you dress to flatter your body shape in lolita?

I have broad shoulders (18" across) no matter if I'm 90lb or 130lb. I stick with JSK to eliminate shoulder-fit issues and I always look for shirring no matter what size I currently am so that the dress will mold to me and I don't have to be the "right shape" for it.

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Jfash only, no cosplay.

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Jfash only, no cosplay.

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I'm not surprised at IW struggling/possibly closing. I think it will happen eventually to any brand that isn't popular with Chinese lolitas. They are the only ones with the numbers and purchasing power to keep brands going in this age.

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I'm drawanon. For a response, please re-read the reaction pic, slowly now.

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