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>Turn it into tall tales. Embellish it a bit. That's what people did in historical times.

Tfw you life becomes a depressing nightmare

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>my life in a nutshell

it hurts anon

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>Doesn't even look like much

Oh boy. This was a painful awakening for me when I finally got my shipping receipt for my 1111 order. I calculated with something around 50€ for int shipping, but they said it will actually be 160€ since my package is weighing 12 fucking kilos. I still believe they secretly stuffed lead ingots into my package.


I am in the same boat right now anon. A-atleast I know they aren't screwing me over.

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>tfw boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me today
>I gave him my virginity
>He'd call me a cunt, that no other man would deal with my mental issues
>Always put me down
>I still loved him
>Every thing I did with him was my first
>tfw I don't have a single friend and have trouble making friends due to my social anxiety
>I'm all alone now

I don't know what to do. I can't stop crying and want to sleep the days away.

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>Be lolita
>Generally pretty girly...except my voice
>Meet guy online who wanted to talk to me, since we had so much in common
>Hit it off right away
>Holy shit, we have even more in common that I thought
>He's even interested in the lolita fashion
>This is one cool guy
>Share some info with him about lolita
>Get comfortable enough to show him some pictures after about a month of knowing each other
>We live pretty close and are both shut ins
>We decide we'll do a stream soon to spend some time together until we get the guts to see each other in person
>Since we both have some pretty bad anxiety, why not give each other a clip of our voices as a preview so we're not as nervous until then?
>Makes a recording for me and shows me his picture
>Hnnn, that voice
>Says I must have a pretty voice myself
>My voice is a fucking deep, fat girl, nerdy sounding voice.
>I make him a recording
>It takes him 20 minutes for him to respond back
>Tries to change the subject right away
>Admits my voice wasn't what he was expecting
>Says maybe we shouldn't stream
>My heart drops

I know it's stupid to get so upset over it, but it only makes me even more embarrassed over myself.

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