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>when you fucking try to reminisce about retarded oldchan shit in a dead thread and a namefag still ruins it, in 2020 even
I am so glad I just watched your fucking faggots, not joined
I am sickened, my day is ruined
You have no idea who I am, I am actually fucking anonymous
/you/, voldie, kipi, jlh, and everyone else whoever typed shit in the name field all have identities
On 4chan
unironically, again, ishygdrdt

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I got you anon

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As other anon said, lolita has been dying at least since 2006.
And may I say it, lolita is dead. Look at old snaps, than at OTT classic and taobao brands. Old school lolita still has many fans, but it's not just "lolita", it's "old school lolita".
Style evolves and few years in future we will have new trends.
The community is dying because of coslitas and annoying members who want to put politics everywhere. I think some lolitas are just lonelitas, who don't want to insert themselves into the drama.

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I've been on /cgl/ for a few years now but I feel like I've never seen this gif before so here y'all go

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Why do the Itas hate "replicas"?

I mean, it's clothing. If someone makes a dress and someone else makes another dress that costs less than who the hell cares?

It seems like people are just angry because they bought the expensive one.

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Believe it or not, humans shouldn't have the proportions of whales.

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You do realize that >>8404764 is a different person than >>8402194 right? Keep up on your rampage though. Also, found you a gif bud >>8407848

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Can we stop posting this in every ita thread. It's horrible, but you're beating a dead horse. Pic related. It's you

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You wish it was me samefagging, unfortunately for you, someone else shares my horrible, terrible opinion. Let's just drop it now and move on with the thread.

Thanks, glad to know it wasn't lost on some people.

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Long Island here, too. Are you Nassau or Suffolk? I'm in Suffolk and no one ever wants to have meets out East. Plus I don't feel like being seen with some girls in the comm... You probably know. (also curious, by 631 did you mean the area code? If so then it's probably Suffolk and I'll feel a little dumb for asking.)

>Why are you a lone lolita?
As I mentioned before, there aren't very many meets in my county, and the ones we do have are really far away and aren't worth the drive. Also, some of the girls who are most actively attending meets... Are a little less than well-dressed, and I feel embarrassed being seen with some of them. Especially since the meets are so small, they usually make up a majority of the group. There was also a little drama with one girl basically calling me out for owning too much brand, but I don't think it escalated too far. It also doesn't help that I'm a bit shy, and the worthwhile (3 hour bus ride) meets in the city can sometimes be a bit too many people for me.

>Would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Definitely, so long as they're nice and not too-terribly ita. I think small outings with friends is more suitable for me.

>Where are you located?
Long Island

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>ITT: pic related

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