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Creepy men that feel entitled to women's attention and time are not exclusively singles. Last con I was at an older guy who was there with his wife kept trying to talk to me when we were in line. It was a deeply traumatic event and gave me PTSD. The only solution is to ban all scrotes for good. Either that or ducktape their mouths shut so they learn not to speak to people who don't want to be spoken to.

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Quite a nasty scrote infestation in this thread. Extra whiny ones too. Ew.

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The guys at conventions are all pathetic limp-wristed losers. They're the least threatening people ever. They disgust me and I wish they would all die, but that is all. Once you learn to stop being afraid of moids, you'll see how pathetic they really are. They don't deserve to breathe the same air as us.

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