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A girl asked me what dress I was wearing at a con a few weeks back. It was Sunday, I was dead tired and had partied a little too hard the night before. I was wearing Chess Story's "Its High Tea Time" but for some reason I could only think of the brand Magic Tea Party and was so caught off guard. I was so out of it that day and somehow assumed no other lolitas would be approaching me that day to say hi. Anyway she asks what dress I'm wearing and I'm stuttering out "Magic Tea Party...." and she says "oh, what print?" and I kept saying Magic Tea Party until I exclaimed "Oh, no, actually, this is by Chess Story, but it's called Magic Tea Party?"
The girl was nice just obviously confused and talked to me about other stuff afterwards. In response to my wrong answer she just kind of tilted her head and changed the subject... Embarrassing...

I think the most spaghetti part was not the moment itself, but even moreso that several weeks later I can't stop thinking about it. Ugh

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