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>bought a lot of candy, almost bought all full candy bars this year but decided to only go half-and-half with small + full size candy
>jumped into my basic pikachu kigu and sat by the door browsing on my phone, ready to answer the door at any moment
>not even one trick-or-treater came

I can't tell if parents just don't let their kids go trick-or-treating anymore or if this neighborhood has really gone to shit in the past year. Probably both.

Last year I was at my brother's house and he got several trick-or-treaters, a few of them had really adorable handmade costumes. A few houses in our neighborhood used to hold their own haunted houses, but I think they've stopped doing it now.

One of my coworkers is one of those trashy "halloween is satanic" types, so I wonder if parents are even letting their kids trick-or-treat at all, of not only participate in church events. I really hate living in the bible belt.

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