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oh thanks, that's way less annoying than pulling out the microSD.

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I've been battling cancer and chronic illness for most of my life, and I've also attended dozens of cons in that time. My best advice is to make sure you travel with people who are understanding and willing to help you/make necessary accommodations without making you feel guilty or like you're a burden. It's kind of an uncomfortable conversation to have sometimes because there will probably be people who don't understand and won't be willing or able to help, but it will save you so much trouble in the long run if your travelling companions are at least aware of your limits and any extra needs you may have (like needing to take frequent breaks from walking or scheduling meals around medication times). You may not even know those limits just yet because you've just been diagnosed, so maybe reach out to others who have the same illness for advice if you feel like you need to. You can do this anon, I believe in you!

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thank you! this one seems to tick all the boxes.

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