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I don't know why you couldn't just fact check yourself by looking at lolibrary but here we go.

Toy Parade was released in 2007, including knee socks, a JSK, OP, long sleeve OP, skirt, KC, tote bag, and round bag. A 2012 rerelease included a JSK, OP, low waist skirt, salopette, KC, half bonnet, and OTKS. There was also an eco tote bag and a salopette set. It was released in pink, mint, lavender, white, and black.

Toy Fantasy was first released in 2011, including a hooded salopette, OP, JSK, skirt, OTKS, KC, and half bonnet. Also made were an umbrella, folding umbrella, blouse, bolero, parka, wallet, long wallet, pass case, vanity pouch, multicase, mirror, and probably a couple other things I'm missing. In 2016 they came out with a pouch, and in 2017 they made a mini towel. Then in 2020, Shinjuku had a MTO that included the OP, JSK, hooded salopette, OTKS, KC, and an apron-style skirt set. It was available in pink, white, sax, and black.

I'm probably missing some things since I wasn't really into Toy Parade and our records that far back are sketchy; not to mention some items they make for releases are named differently. Anyways, I hope you get it when I say strawberry jelly and strawberry jam aren't the same thing even if they sound the same; nor are Harvest Moon 64 and FoMT the same game, even if they have the same characters. (I know, pretty specific example lol)

I know you were probably still shitting your diapers when Toy Parade was first released, but here's a lesson for you: you can admit to being wrong. All you had to say was "Oh right! Whoops!" but you chose to double down on your overconfidence and ignorance and make yourself look like a jerk-off. Lucky it's anonymous. Try acting differently in the future and you might find life goes generally better for you.

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