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>you can go alone
Yeah, I can, but... I absolutely do not have the courage to do it. I curse my friends for cancelling their tickets to one coming in a few weeks. I legitimately pumped so much iron these past few months ready to do those late night parties.

Oh well, guess this is just a sign to keep lifting and by next year I'll rock some abs with full head long ass hair.

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>get back photos from con shoot
>realize how fucking not white i am
>dirty mud skin on top of being ugly already
>no matter how much i put effort into skincare and makeup
>even photoshoop can't save me

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I just feel so sad (and sometimes envious/jealous) of seeing and watching all these big con videos and pics and stories... and amazing people... I live in midfuck nowhere island in europe and am broke as fuck. I literally only know one person personally that shares these kind of interests, and even then our tastes differ a lot.

Never went to a con in my life because it doesn't even exist here; I have to travel to mainland (which is already expensive), and even then it only happens twice a year.

There's just so many people I wish I could meet... And I wish I could actually cosplay as a hobby...


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