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Accidentally posted this in dead thread yesterday
>Halloween is fave time of year
>don't get such odd looks for wearing fancier lolita
>bf says he'll pick me up so we can spend day out together
>have been feeling kind of ugly so make an effort with makeup and hair and feel a lot better about myself
> bf is running late, hasn't msged
>not too worried
>bf is 3 hours late, he's not coming

I felt like a fucking idiot especially as I had passed up going to halloween themed events with friends.

>sulk for a bit
>decide to go out by myself into nearest town after making outfit more costumey
>run into older couple who volunteer at local library
>go have cake with them at patisserie and talk about visual-kei after they ask about by 'bunny costume'
>bf texts 5hrs later
>'whoops, overslept'

I've gotten used to wearing toned down lolita since leaving my university city which was much more accepting of alt fashion, but I felt strangely empowered being on my own after the initial gut churning anxiety. I still have nothing to say to my bf, is that wrong?

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