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Had a best friend for 4 years. She’s super into cosplay, has the cosplay insta and all that, and I really like anime and shit so we got along really well. Talk all the time and hang out all the time, genuinely adore her and our friendship so I introduce her to my brother in law. They date for a year, he spends 10k or more taking her across country, buying her cosplays, con tickets, etc. lets her live at his apartment rent free and take over.
Extremely obsessive over his ex. Follows and unfollows her socials, talks about her 24/7, whatever. Gets annoying eventually and I tell her it’s in the past and he hates talking about her too but she freaks cause the ex “treated him so bad.” She also gets jealous of me having other friends or opinions.
Make free art for her all the time despite having commissions piling up. Let her stay with me whenever and talk to her when she needs help, etc.
She decides to join th navy, her bf trains her, funds it, etc. drops her off for basic.
Month later she’s out and starts fucking another guy there. Lies to me about it over and over. Makes up lies that this dude is gay when he clearly isn’t. Still dating brother in law, asking for money and trips and cosplays and shit.
Marries the dude she’s fucking behind my brother in law’s back after getting his name tattood on her wrist. Gets mad at me for telling her off for being a lying bitch. Block her on everything.

Still think of her and our memories of attending my first con with her. Never want to go to a con again now.

TLDR; best friend was a lying bitch and ruined cons for me

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