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Thanks Anon, I still plan to go. Just hope my confidence it up to par to not come off as a guy trying not to be an autist.

As for the 'depression' thing. I don't like how easily people label themselves with it when its really just being sad, and also why I don't like associating myself with it where I can. That said, I should be fine. I've been in worse states but to talk about it would be too off-topic. And to seek professional help would.
1; Out my situation to my parents, family and friends.
2; Speculation of self-harm and suicide gets thrown around
3; Potential suspension of my firearms license from medical records which I need for re-enactment purposes.

Anyhow, I'm blabbering on too much now. I'll be fine, just preparing myself for the next month of my down period. Cheers for the message though, appreciate it.

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