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>mfw girl trying to sell me her USED OTKs at a higher scalped price than brand new ones.
Fuck right off, I don't want your stinky piling socks, especially at that outrageous price. Really fucking hate the market right now
On a more positive note I was able to find another listing where the OTKs were brand new and at a way better price.

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>Tfw gothic has started getting more popular lately and I've had to start bidding higher against newfag covidlitas that bid early and drive up prices fighting each other

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I still miss SWIMMER and wish they had never closed down

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probably belongs in feels thread but there's no lolitas in there so fuck it
>pull consecutive all-nighters for god knows how long for work/stress reasons
>use this opportunity to stalk mercari/fril/anywhere for moitie
>literally fucking nothing for over month
>what little is posted gets taken by that japanese scalper bitch within seconds
>spirit and body deteriorating
>get a day break from research and everyone begs me to sleep
>worst fear is that market will flood with moitie when I'm not looking
>worse fear fucking confirmed
>mercari flooded with that sweet moitie at unbelievable prices that cheap moitiefags can only dream of
>fucking see this all now including some dream items, all fucking gone
>is this a fucking joke
>Mana, why am I still here, just to suffer?
>every night I can feel my wallet, my credit card, even my ss
>the deals I lost, the moitie I lost, it won't stop hurting
>like they're still there, sold out

Do you feel it too anons? I at least hope those pieces went to appreciative moitiefags who will do them justice and not rot on some scalper's mannequin.

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Fuuuuuuck. I woke up and they've charged me again.

>Real Weight is 5.060 Kg, Volumetric Weight is 3.020 Kg(Volume Weight = 44.000 CM * 25.000 CM * 23.000 CM / 5000 CM)(Note:when using DHL、Aramex, The volumetric weight is calculated and compared with the real weight of the shipment to ascertain which is greater; the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost.) Please check your account and pay price difference 24.16 USD.

Now I'm paying $79 for DHL. I should've gone with fucking EMS.

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fucking Yandyman
he needs to get it together

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I used one of Yoybuy's 11$ off of 150$ coupons with my ~151$ order. One item wasn't arriving and delayed my order by over 2 weeks. I asked them to ask seller about it, turns out it was out of stock. Instead of refunding it, they deducted it from the coupon (since order total was now below 150$), so I got 20 cents back instead of 10$.

Is it worth bugging them about it or is that standard business practice?

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