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> F+F isn't good, don't waste your money.
> You might be busty but you're not a fatty chan, shit's still going to fit you, stop buying so many skirts and Taobao for fear of your boobs.
> Never forget that Mr. Yan did 9/11
> Buy more shoes and blouses gdi
> You hate wearing wigs, don't buy so many.

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>Finally watched Kamikaze Girls

That movie had the perfect blend of loads of laughter with a bit of tears.

Let's stick together gulls, I actually love all your anonymous asses so much.

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You're all Momoko in my head.

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Honestly I love salty bitch lolitas, because they keep a lot of the riff raff away

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I could see a very definite Kamikaze Girls influence in the ending.

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aw fuck I thought it was a gif.

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I have a confession to make; my current relationship turned abusive a couple of months ago because of some choices I made. Despite that, me and my ex are still seeing each other and still love eachother dearly. However, we might get separated soon for job reasons.
Also, I'm on the brink of becoming a SB with an old lover who is married.

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Geezus, i need to back away from this place and get some sleep. I honestly read that as 'Dreamy Plantation' and then recoiled horror at what such a print might actually look like.

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If they pick someone really unsuited, can we all just walk out in protest?

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> Found myself getting nostalgic remembering an old RP partner who I used to MSN roleplay hawt yaoiz ^^ with in my teenage years.
> Start getting really upset remembering how that was probably the happiest time in my life
> Message another friend who I used to RP with attempting to rehash old nostalgia and feel a little comforted
> No response
> End up turning on music and fantasizing in my head about our old characters and what they'd be up to now
> Get so caught up in the memory it starts to feel too real. Daydream about living in that time of my life again and almost forget I'm not
> Start crying like a baby
My life is a fucking mess holy shit. I'm terrified I might just go off the deep end and slip into my daydreams forever.

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similar feels anon
> Female
> Always put my heart and soul into my relationships
> Willingly cooks, cleans, does laundry, will do anything so long as they're loyal to me
> Never works out because I'm just too much I guess
> Completely drained from my relationships always failing, avoiding romance from here on out

To keep things /cgl/
> Live in tiny, shitty city
> Been wearing Lolita since middle school, town was devoid of other Lolitas at the time
> In high school converted BFF into a Lolita
> Had a merry time discussing Lolita secrets, burando, /cgl/, etc.
> Stupid high school falling out, life goes to hell, never speak again
> Lone Loli for a year or two, miss having Lolita friends
> New comm forms out of the blue, join it, go to first meet up
> "Oh it's okay if you guys don't have any clothes, just wear whatever makes you happy!"
> "I love Bodyline! I know everybody thinks it's ~not brand~ but it is for me." "Oh, do you use the yen trick?" "What's the yen trick? (I explain) Oh, that doesn't matter. I don't mind paying full price for Bodyline because it's worth it to me!"
> Literally the only person in Lolita aside from Bodyline-chan, a well-dressed ouji and their friend, and a few girls in replicas
> Uncomfortable as fuck the whole time as the entire group devolves into talk about flavor of the month anime and yaoi
> Everybody gets together for group photo, two tall-as-fuck weebs stand directly in front of me to the point where I'm not even visible
> When can I go home

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AP USA probably won't. Their payment restrictions (credit card only, must be your name, your address) are all things they have specifically done to protect them selves legally because a handful of people screwed it up for everyone by trying to steal from them by filing claims, or something I think? I can't remember the details, but when I asked about paypal it was a resounding "no, it's not safe for us".

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...shit, that sounded way more stuck up than I meant for it to be.

It was just weird.

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