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That last line though.

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>Thing is, like a lot of people on this board I've been a sex worker in the past

Umm... define >a lot

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A little severe there. It's fine for people to get something that makes them feel better. Sure plastic surgery isn't a good way to feel better about yourself but if it's what she wants to do.

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Tell her to fuck off

Don't feel like you have any obligation to do anything for her

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>I have UC, which means whenever I eat, I get horribly sick
>And I'm allergic to gluten, and dairy, but I ignore it
>Ever since I was young, one meal a day was a LOT to me, because it still made me feel terrible
>Even when I eat half a bowl from chipotle, I feel bloated and like I want to throw up
>Mention to a friend how hard it is for me to gain weight, and how sick I always am
>'Well SOME of us would kill to be your size! Stop your complaining'
>go home and think nothing about it
>over the course of a week, get 200 messages telling me 'You can get help for Anorexia!'
>What the fuck
>Apparently she told a few people, and now everyone I know thinks I'm anorexic. They've even had a fucking intervention for me, where they didn't buy my medical issues because 'they're not that bad!'

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