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>keep wanting to get into other alt/jfashions so I have something to wear other than lolita, especially for occasions when lolita isn't appropriate
>realise that a lot of the looks I like are just as out-there as lolita and not that good for every day
>realise that I'm fundamentally just not rebellious enough for literally any other alt fashion
>no piercings, no tattoos, undyed brown hair, hairstyle is girly unlayered long wavy hime cut with blunt bangs = great with lolita but a bit old-fashioned for even normie fashion
>prefer minimal make-up, don't like edgy crosses, don't like occult symbolism, feel uncomfortable wearing "slutty" clothes or fetish elements in fashion = bang goes most goth

I keep looking through Western alt inspo and stores but so many of the outfits look awful and it just doesn't make my heart go dokidoki like the goths I saw on the street and on TV as a kid in the 90s and 00s. The Victorian/romantic goth stuff is all horrible quality compared to lolita, and stores are flooded with hipster nugoth shit that's nothing but trendy clothes with edgy slogans and faux-Wiccan symbols (even a lot of jgoth is similar). Styles like cybergoth failed to evolve and are now completely dead, and the goth scene as a whole seems to be a shadow of its former self - I don't even see emo teens in the city any more. I ended up going for post-apocalyptic sorts of outfit using contrasting textures and distressed fabrics with pants and I like it, but I feel like my hairstyle always makes it look off no matter what I do with my make-up (same with 80s goth), especially in summer when I can't layer so heavily. At the same time, I don't want to give up the vintage-y haircut I have because it works amazingly with lolita but it's really shit with goth.

I used to want to get into so many styles (mori, CPK and fairy kei as well) but I;m essentially just becoming a lolita/otome lifestyler and wearing jeans and a nice sweater when that's absolutely not appropriate...

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