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nayrt, but if you're so unbelievably sensitive that just the thought that people might be laughing at your unworn clothing behind your back keeps you from proper maintenance and hygiene then this might not be the hobby for you.

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The concept and execution of this coord is pretty bomb. the closeups I saw of the make were beautiful.
It's okay to have your heart set on something and work hard toward it, and be disappointed you didn't win. yeah, you could criticize the presumption, but that's not how feelings work. don't pretend gulls are superhumans with nary a flaw.
I like this lolita's artistry in particular and don't think the overblown personal criticism is warranted. But, gulls love their drama...

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this, right here, so hard.
no one cares that you wouldn't sell, it's your asshole response that got you called out.
Luckily, you showed your true colors now so that anon doesn't have to risk entering a transaction with such a shitty seller.
go and stay go.

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I thought this was a lolita thread.

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this ones better

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Facebook live it so I can watch

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>baitest of bait

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meanwhile, she's going to continue to get more likes than you, even when her coords are misses.
that's the way it goes. you're so blasted it's embarassing

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>marvelous contribution

anyone avail to dump?

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