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I wish I didn't hate blue/navy colourways so much...all my dream dresses have been popping up recently but only in the frikking blue colours and I'm so frustrated because it makes me look washed out and sickly whenever I try to wear it.

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>gf is into goth girl
>i'm a dumb pastel bitch and sweet lolita
>for some reason she loves my dumb ass
>constantly feels like i'm a disappointment,i don't even have a good face or a good body like those hot girls she watches
>she keeps saying i do but she's just too nice
I feel like shit gulls how do i deal with being a disappointment? All I can do is make her favorite food,sing her songs and draw us together but it's so useless.
I just wish I was as good as the other girls,no matter how I try,I just can't compare. I wanna be the best for her.

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same anon,same. How much you think it's gonna be?
With the shit ton of shoes i bought it'll be 50+

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