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Can we please stop centering this entire thread around giving some autistic misogynist waste of breath advice? It's not related to cgl at all. Plus he's probably jerking it to all that "femoid" attention.

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Lol no, but here I am

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Lol no. But I am

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Never gets old

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Kill yourself

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Because edgelords are annoying as fuck.

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Your reading incomprehension isn't my fault, and I had to come all the way back here to tell you how stupid you are. Your newness reeks through your post like cigarette smoke off a trailer trash loli's replica. Character themed coords are established and common. Popular examples include princess prints or Alice in Wonderland themed outfits. Brands design collaborations with mascots and anime frequently, and costume-ish lolita is as much of a sub-genre as any. I did not in any way imply that I see lolita as a costume, simply that Bowsette's designs leave a lot of room to do a nice black hime coord with some blue gem accessories and maybe some punk/ero elements, plus the little props like crown, horns, tail, shell, etc.

Your comment was not only bratty, but misinformed and poorly thought through. Lurk moar.

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Silly supermarket-kun, lolita gfs are for other lolitas.

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Keep replying.

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yes, ofc, she used the btssb sword of kawaiiness to slay the ita fattychan sissy monster (who was wearing bodyline reee) while wearing the most ott of ott coords.

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Oh well boohoo.

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Well first off you sound retarded so I feel terrible for your comm

Second off here's an unpopular opinion since apparently we can't handle "off topic" without BAWWW-ing.
People like this should be bannable from comms because the lack of manners and couth make everyone else uncomfortable, especially when they try to drag everyone else into their salt squawking. It's embarrassing as fuck, especially in public.

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>get SDCC hotel with friend, things all seem good. Cheap, on shuttle route, etc
>Was finally getting a little excited, cosplay plans with someone else rooming with us.
>all in the past hour:
>find out person who reserved the room hadn't been looking for roommates
>find out his crazy girlfriend is going despite the fact that he knows I feel uncomfortable when she picks fights with him in front of me/in public
>then here's the kicker, he finds out he booked the wrong hotel and we're not on the shuttle route
>is an exhibitor, have to make sure I can get to and from the con relatively easily
>also, girl I was going to cosplay with bails, but I don't blame her, things were just not looking up for her. Just disappointed.

Wish me luck on finding a new room in nine days for not (by SDCC standards) a crazy amount of money!

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Can't have one without the other, can we?

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>cgl opinions

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good feels:
>wardrobe expanding rapidly
>everything i've wanted, i've gotten
>suit the looks i want to go for because based hafu genes
>hair growing back shiny and smooth

bad feels:
>shedding weight very quickly, visibly ill again
>have to cover self harm scars with makeup because they detract from the image i want to portray
>mfw i just want to feel like a princess but my brain likes to fuck around

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ITT we discuss people who are obnoxiously self-righteous over how much lolitas spend. Whether it's normies or bitter Bodyline-chans.

I guess this thread can also apply to the other side of the board since cosplay can be just as expensive, so I'm sure you guys probably get shit too.

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>"Lacemarket is expensive"
>Mfw I just copped a brand print skirt for 20 bucks
It's called learning to sew basic repairs and having patience bitch

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>work at a clothing shop
>large amount of clothes end up on Doctor Who
>Casually likes Doctor Who
>New companion announced
>Queue the annoying and loud cosplayers who come in full costume and act IC
>mfw they ask me to help them track down long sold out items

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