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thanks anon, I think it's a ISO or trade listing though ;_;

and this one is a definitely a trade

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Hand to god I'm not her, but back 2010ish, a friend and I became babylitas, and living in the midwest, we went to the thrift store and attempted to sift through all kinds of weird religious clothing, square dancing dresses, even Amish clothes
I have a terrible feeling this is just babby's first coord

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>this extreme amount looks like you weren't loved as a kid and only had stuffed animals for friends
tfw this is too accurate and you need to leave the internet for the day

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>nyah-girl is like 35 now probably

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God that fucking manga. I'd take the one where the lolita landlady gets her ovaries fucked over that one, at least she's enjoying herself and survives.

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There's new "lifestyler" girl in my community. She discovered lolita few weeks ago. I really want to tell her to f*ck off with her "loliable" skirts and dresses.

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>Help friend with her very first coord
>we both get dressed up, take pictures
>decide to go out
>the moment we hit the sidewalk a group of men start talking at us
>hearing things like 'what kind of costumes are thooose?'
>we quickly rush into a shop to get away.
>She looks at me shocked
>I almost feel like I needed to apologize for not warning her enough

Luckily this didn't scare her away from lolita and we're soul sisters now.

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Thanks, anon. I'm a bit embarrassed now.
Are there any bags that are two sided? I was thinking of making two bags for my waifu (one mainly with official merch and the second with fan merch and the merch I couldn't fit in the first one) and it would be nice if I had a bag I could just flip over and fill..

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I went to /fa/. People post their daily outfits there and half of them don't show the whole coord. I don't think I've ever seen a more boring group of nerds. Even the girls looked boring. I wear lolita, but I actually work in fashion and I don't think these people would know fashion if it walked past them in the street. I'm never going there again.

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Me too, anon.

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>may 23 of this year
>mfw tried to kill myself with my meds ten days before this girl did
Thank God I freaked out and called 911
Life is still hard and full of misery, but at least I have lolita to brighten my day

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>Legs full of bruises (I don't know why, I haven't done anything special)
>Too hot to wear any king of socks
Time to take a break from lolita

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I once altered a brand one piece into a skirt for a brand event because I'm really tall. Everyone stared at me like I was wearing a replica but said nothing.

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There's a neat social outcast aura that weirdo chicks from the early 2000s used to have that they emulate pretty well.
They're cute to tease

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>at highest weight for several years
>face looks cute and soft
>start to tone up to fit in brand better
>face loses baby fat quickly
>suddenly look old and ugly
Time to kms

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>bisexual lolita in a relationship with a man
>miss girls so much that I start to look up escorts who sleep with women
>they cost as much as brand for an hour!?
Guess I'm just going to keep buying brand and hoping some manic pixie dream lesbian will fall from the sky.

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Maybe it's a suicide blanket, I had to throw out all my sheets because I sliced my wrists pretty bad

Overall sounds like bad idea to keep it if it looks ruined

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>tfw gf won't kiss you in sweet Lolita because "you look like you're 10"
Feels bad man

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>Didn't pre-plan coord
>Got dressed quickly in the dark to meet lolita friend and go to a jfashion event
>Leave house and rush to train
>Realise that I'm wearing a warm toned skirt with cool toned everything else
I guess I'm the token ita today.

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