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It sounds kinda like a cop-out answer, but one of the real turning points I can think of for the idea of "lifestyle" is that of ritual. Take care and pride in everything that you do.

Think of this: my gf and I like to have tea and a drink in the evening. I could just microwave a couple of coffee cups of water, drop a couple tea bags in, and spoon some sugar and cream in before sitting my fat ass down on the couch. No fuss, no muss.

OR, I could take the time to boil a kettle and fill the teapot. I could slow down and dress a few sugar cubes on a tray and have the bottle of brandy ready. I could garnish with a few small stawberries just because I know the color looks good, and my gf likes them. When that tray is placed on our beat up coffee table, it has some care and meaning to it. These little bits of reflection and consideration are what every manners and ettiquette book boil down to. Though small, the psychological impact and sense of satisfaction is gratifying. pic related.

And as an aside, being properly polite to people who you are at odds with is a great way to drive them absolutely insane.

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